j-1 Exchange Visitor Program:

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Great for America.



Americans for Cultural Exchange is a coalition of American businesses, families, chambers of commerce, associations, and community leaders who embrace and support international exchange programs including the Summer Work Travel, Camp, Intern, Trainee, and Au Pair programs.

We’re advocating for strong and continued J-1 visa cultural exchange. The coalition was established to ensure J-1 exchange programs continue to thrive and to support America’s diplomatic, national security, and economic interests.

Each year, American businesses and seasonal communities host international college students and graduates participating in the Department of State’s J-1 visa Summer Work Travel, Intern, Trainee, and Camp Counselor programs. These international participants -- future leaders in their home countries -- gain deep exposure to and a positive image of American culture and people, and greatly improve their English language skills by living and working alongside Americans.

At the same time, American businesses and communities gain a window to the world through these young travelers. This collaboration between American businesses and international students has evolved to create significant economic benefits for U.S. communities. These programs are a win-win scenario for American diplomacy and security, and for American businesses and local economic development.


Take Action & #savej1

J-1 exchange programs are under attack! Take action now and help save these valuable exchange programs.

Coalition Goals


Goal 1

Support, Continue, Expand

Support, continue, and even expand Department of State J-1 Exchange Visitor Programs.


Goal 2

Provide the Facts

Provide the facts to policymakers and the American people about these successful international exchange programs.


Goal 3

Educate Young Americans

Educate young Americans about work and study abroad opportunities.