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Join the Host Employer National action Committee

Applications due Friday, February 8, 2019

The Americans for Cultural Exchange coalition is kicking off the near year by forming a Host Employer National Action Committee. We invite businesses that host Exchange Visitor Program participants to apply to join the committee and take a leadership role in advocating for international cultural exchange programs. Committee members will have the opportunity to protect and promote an exchange program you care deeply about, be a leader in making American host communities’ voices heard on Capitol Hill, and collaborate with like-minded representatives of the business community across the U.S.

WHO WE ARE & What we stand for

Americans for Cultural Exchange is a coalition of American businesses, families, chambers of commerce, associations, and community leaders who embrace and support the U.S Department of State J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, including:

  • Summer Work Travel

  • Intern

  • Trainee

  • Camp Counselor

  • Au Pair

We’re advocating for strong and continued J-1  exchange programs. These programs are a win-win scenario for American diplomacy and security, and for American businesses and local economic development.

The coalition was established to ensure J-1 exchange programs continue to thrive and to support America’s diplomatic, national security, and economic interests.

The Americans for Cultural Exchange coalition was selected as a finalist for the 2018 PIEoneer of the Year award, which recognizes innovation and excellence in the field of international education.


FOllow us

americans for CUltural Exchange:
A coalition of Americans supporting the Exchange Visitor Program


Goal 1

Support, Continue, Expand

Support, continue, and expand
the U.S. Department of State
J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.


Goal 2

Provide the Facts

Provide the facts to policymakers and the American people about these successful international exchange programs.


Goal 3

Educate Young Americans

Educate young Americans about work and study abroad opportunities.