Cristian Cardenas montes
MexicoNaples, Maine

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I believe that camp is a life-changing experience, and to understand it, one has to live it.
— Cristian Cardenas Montes

His passion for tennis led to summers as a camp counselor in rural Maine, but that was just the beginning.

"Sometimes we're afraid to make decisions in life situations. Situations like traveling by ourselves, living in a culture different from ours, leaving home for a long time, or being open to new experiences. This fear is normal, and every human being has it; it's in our blood. I want to encourage you to overcome these fears."

“Don't be afraid to make new friends, never stop trying new things. I want to say that doing this was what made my three summers at camp different from all the other summers of my life. Opening myself like this to the world allowed me to learn things I can't describe, to make friends in different countries, to travel to places all over the U.S., and to live an experience that changed my life. Living experiences like this feeds your soul, opens your mind, and makes you a different person."

"Camp means a lot of things for me and it changed me as a person remarkably. It has also given me a lot of experience and values like organization, responsibility, and a more multicultural perspective on things. And right now, one year before getting an official job and being a graduate student, I feel that camp has given me a lot of advantages as a person and as a professional, and I feel that I'm more prepared for this upcoming part of my life."

What He's up to now:

Studying mechanical engineering in Spain and working part-time recruiting and guiding international camp counselors, carrying on the program that has meant so much to him.