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We are American businesses, camps, families, chambers of commerce, associations, and community leaders, and we are advocating for strong and thriving international cultural exchange programs, especially the J-1 visa Summer Work Travel, Intern, Trainee, Camp Counselor, and Au Pair programs. We ask our leaders to support these and other cultural exchange programs. We recommit ourselves to the efficacy of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, and strongly believe that our country should not only maintain them, but also grow them in the future.

Read the Americans for Cultural Exchange  J-1 Exchange Visitor Program Support Statement.

*By joining the Americans for Cultural Exchange coalition, you are supporting the Department of State's J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.

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Americans for Cultural Exchange is a coalition of American businesses, families, chambers of commerce, business and trade associations, and community leaders who embrace and support J-1 exchange programs. We're mobilizing to advocate for international exchange programs, including strong and continued Summer Work Travel, Intern, Trainee, Camp Counselor, and Au Pair exchanges. The coalition is coordinated by the Alliance for International Exchange