Renato Falco Monteiro

Brazil→ Boca Raton, FL

Renato Falco Monteiro_jpeg.jpg
Do something good for others every single day in order to improve people’s lives
— Renato Falco Monteiro

“This picture represents my legacy, my identity, my emotions, my soul, my spirit. It represents who I am now and how my Culture Exchange experience in Florida has impacted my life and helped me to rediscover the purpose of my journey in this world.”

After completing his Trainee program in 2014, Renato has committed himself to cultural exchange and volunteerism.

“After I finished my cultural exchange program in USA, I launched my career at sea and I have been working in cruise ships and travelling around the world since 2015.”

“As I did during my Cultural Exchange in USA, I have been connecting with people from different nationalities, discovering new destinations, making new friends, helping others to develop, sharing my world and creating lasting memories.”

What he’s up to now:

Organizing volunteer work in Hawaii in September, 2019 and planning a socially responsible volunteer event in his home country of Brazil.