Sushania Pryce

Jamaica → Kennebunkport, ME

Sushania Pryce.jpg
The cultural exchange program has taught me to never be afraid to get out of my comfort zone. It may seem scary at first, leaving your home country to go to a foreign country but the rewards at the end are worth it! In addition, wherever you can and whenever you can, find some time to give back, it makes you feel good to do good.
— Sushania Pryce

“[Cultural Exchange] affords you the opportunity to be able to give back to your community enabling you to make a local and eventually a global impact.”

Sushania visited Washington DC in the Summer of 2014, she said, “I was excited to be apart of something that would allow me to make an impact on a global level. The conference was invigorating, stimulating and full of adventure, and the diversity was unparalleled.”

She also actively focused on volunteerism and giving back to her host community during her stay in the U.S. She adds, “Thanks to my manager I had the opportunity to volunteer each summer with her at an annual road race. I also dedicated one day a week to volunteer at the local library in my host community”

Here are her thoughts on cultural exchange programs: “Personally I think the cultural exchange program is an amazing opportunity to gain insight and knowledge especially about people and their varying backgrounds. Professionally it’ll allow you to develop excellent work ethic and adaptability to varying situations, in addition you have the opportunity to grow as an individual by developing life long skills with which you can utilize to benefit your family and community at large.”

What she’s up to now:

“I realized that my purpose on this Earth is to help as many people as I can, and it was summer of 2013 while on the work and travel program I decided to pursue my passion of becoming a medical doctor. Now that dream has come to pass and I hope to continue helping people in my home country and eventually on a global scale with my medical knowledge.”

Sushania is working as a MD at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica.